Our Process

We offer a quality accounting solution that will remain consistent over many years.

Our first priority with new clients is to ensure that they have their lodgements up to date to avoid unnecessary fines & penalties. We then like to evaluate their current business to ensure that the clients structure is the best available.

Our team then works to process the accounting information supplied to make sure the financial information complies with the appropriate tax law and accounting standards.

Upon completion of the draft accounts & tax returns, Chris & Scott review & discuss with our clients the results.

We then look at the current period and advise strategies that ensure the best possible tax position going forward.

We also offer advisory services for Buying & Selling Businesses, Capital Gains Tax advice including small business discounts & rollovers & Investment structures to maximise returns.

Why a business would choose us?

We like to think that we present our knowledge & expertise in easy to understand terms.

We each undertake 40 hrs per year in professional development to ensure the we are offering the most up to date advice.

We also focus on customer service so that our clients do not wait days for call backs or requests for information.

We believe that we offer a quality accounting solution that will remain consistent over many years & grow with your business.

Please feel free to contact us at any time, we welcome your enquiries.


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